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What Is The Brand Identity: Important Factors Of 2022

Brand Identity

Brand identity is helpful for brands, as they can develop their exceptional stance and differentiate them in the industry from other market players. Based on this differentiation, they develop and implement a good positioning strategy and make their customers loyal to their products or services. So, if this question, “Why is brand identity important?” is answered in simple terms, we can say a brand identity influences the customers and makes them remember a brand. A strong brand name, which is possible through different branding materials, will help you firmly keep your brand in the customers’ minds.

This blog aims to focus on some key factors of branding. However, it is important to first discuss what the brand identity is.

What is Brand Identity?

A company’s brand identity can make a lasting impression on its target audience. You can find many aspects that influence a customer and shape their opinion of a firm. A brand identity is one of them. It is such an asset that helps the company present its business to appeal to its target audience. As a result, the company can change their customers’ buying behaviour and convince them to prefer the firm over the competitors.

Well-established and larger-scale companies develop and implement highly innovative and unique branding strategies to be prominent in the crowd. Some good examples include catchy phrases or pictures you can use. They sell their products and services to their consumers in a way that they frequently prefer the brand over their competitors. This marketing strategy needs to be aligned with the company’s identity.

This suggests that brand identity refers to the set of various elements that a firm must create to make it a reputable brand and portray the right corporate image to its consumer.

Key factors of a Brand Identity

The following key factors of brand identity can assist you in building and maintaining brand equity. Look at these factors:

Mission Statement

A “mission statement” of a company refers to a statement that declares the business aim and purpose. It means the company makes the brand promise to their loyal customers. Typically, a mission statement contains the organisation’s general description, aims and objectives, and overall function. With this statement, a company clarifies everything related to its business.

So, having a convincing mission statement will assist you in maintaining your brand equity. A mission statement is a basic requirement for a business, irrespective of its size and industry. It highlights an organisation’s existence and direction.

By having a clear mission statement, a company can position it very exclusively to their community and customers. All stakeholders, including staff members, customers, and others, will consider the firm’s mission statement and determine their view of your brand.

Visual Branding

Visual branding plays a pivotal role in making a brand identity, and the target audience takes moments to make a visual impression of your brand. Remember that visual branding consists of all those elements that a brand creates. The unique brand logo, right color combination, attractive typography, functionality, and innovative graphic features ensure the visual branding. You need to apply the best marketing strategies so that the target customer segments become familiar with these core elements. Consequently, you can persuade them to forever associate with your brand identity.

Having a compelling visual identity will help you appeal to your customers, as it will explain to them what your brand is about, show your business value, and use the right brand voice. However, you must have a strong brand strategy before building your visual identity. An adequate and pertinent visual identity could take your business to the next level.

Website Design & Content

It may be difficult to achieve the right balance of eye-catching web design and creative content, as your ultimate aim is to provide an excellent user experience to the target audience. So, presenting the information in an organised way to your audience is necessary. You need to ensure this by revealing the creative and informative content in sections with various graphic portions. This way, you can entice the audience to go through the entire page.

It is essential to determine the way of displaying your content on your official website. For this, you need to integrate all sensible information related to the brand’s mission and vision. Your content should consist of what your company wants to achieve.

You can also apply this key strategy to email marketing. Engaging with your audience may be challenging in email marketing. So, the above-mentioned content strategy will help you well. When the audience is presented with content very naturally, you can influence new customers and convince them through a meaningful brand message. As a result, you can associate them with your brand identity. It means you will have new advocates for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, play a pivotal role in strengthening your brand identity. Different social media networking websites serve marketers as a new and innovative medium to share marketing content with their audience. Ultimately, these platforms serve the brand as a Word-of-Mouth, as their audience would share the content within their social circles. It means modern-day brands can now achieve a strong brand identity and reach the masses through social media.

If we take a simple brand identity example of a company’s official website design themes, its unique design, and persuasive content positively affect its brand equity. Let’s take a real-world example: While Wendy’s, a fast-food restaurant chain, can escape its amusing, disrespectful tweets, this content marketing strategy probably would not favor a B2B tech firm. On social media platforms, your brand’s content must be aligned with your business aim and messages, brand guidelines, and perceptions of the brand made by consumers.

Customer Service

It is the fact that a business or a brand is nothing without a strong clientele base. Customers become loyal to a brand when they get their expected results by experiencing its product or service.

However, if you offer a product or service with excellent features, you can still face a negative brand equity situation due to a bad customer service experience. You can imagine the influence of customer service interactions. A poor customer service interaction could cause a loyal customer to avoid your brand and prefer one of your competitors.

So, it is essential to maintain your brand’s equity, and you can do it by prioritising your customers and keeping them happy. This way, you can build the best advocates for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the key to building and maintaining your brand’s equity is a strong brand identity. You should focus on consistent branding materials so that you abide by brand identity standards. It means you need to develop a strong mission statement, unswerving visual branding, innovative website design and unique content, interconnected and well-organized social media marketing, and friendly customer service interactions.

If you need to create an attention-grabbing brand identity design, Brand Donut will help you create loyalty and trust from your customers. We will make your brand identity to ensure that your company is provided with a consistent, sound, and satisfying customer experience!

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