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Importance Of UI And UX Design In 2022

Importance of UI UX

UI/UX design is the basis of any application or website these days. It is essential that you have a good UI/UX design because that will attract more people to your app or website and make the experience smoother and more efficient. These days, UI and UX are considered different sides of the same coin, as their implementation is closely related to each other.

In this blog, we will take a look at the importance of UI and UX design and how it is more relevant than ever.

But first, let’s take a look at what UI and UX exactly mean.

What is UI?

UI stands for ‘user interface’. The concept behind UI is that it works to improve the usage of all the visual elements that exist in a mobile application or on a website.

The presentation and usage of these visual elements are both factors—visual elements such as icons, buttons, and such are part of the User Interface.

What is UX?

The concept behind user experience is simple. As the name says, how the user experiences the mobile application or website is known as user experience, from the layout efficiency of the web application to the certain features native to the application, whether it’s the ability of the application to play music or it’s an auto-scrolling feature built into the site. A simple and efficient user experience means ease of use for the user. This is one of the most important things to consider during user experience design because this improves the chances of the user liking the application and becoming loyal to its use.

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Why Is UI/UX Designing Important?

What makes it so essential in today’s world is that every mobile application or website must have a good UI/UX design if they want to become an attractive option to users.

The idea behind UI/UX design is simple. It is important simply because it improves the user retention rate. All the biggest applications and websites in the world have top-notch UX/UI design, and that is what makes them so addicting to use. Their visual design and the ease with which people can use them is what makes them so notable.

Another important thing about UI/UX design is that if you are a start-up or a new brand, then you will want to establish a visual identity on the internet as soon as possible. This way, your application or site becomes instantly noticeable. Recognition is a basic principle of exposure.

Importance of UI Design

Every good UI design keeps things simple. And when things are simple, the product or service you have on offer and all its features are clearly visible to the user. This is important because there have been surveys that show that if a UI design of a web or mobile application is too complicated, then many users turn away from it, which increases the importance of UI design by a big margin.

Good UI design facilitates the user’s interaction between your product or service easily, which makes the user like your application or website and prefer it to others.

Importance of UX Design

As for the importance of UX design, it is equal to UI design. If an application is easy to use and all its features are efficient in how they work or display relevant data, then the user will come back to it again and again. That is why modern social media applications are so addicting to the point where you can scroll for hours without even noticing. Making the features appealing to the users is also an important part of UX design.

Principles of UI/UX Design

Whether it’s a website or mobile app UI design or UX design, there are some basic and foundational principles that every designer follows. These essentials are important to know to improve the overall user experience of your application.

1. Scale

All the visual components and features in an application or on a website must be designed according to a certain ratio or scale. The sizes of those components need to relate to each other to create a visually pleasing aesthetic. Scaling also includes designing those visual components in a way that they adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions without losing quality.

2. Visual Hierarchy

Each visual element on a website or mobile application has its own level of importance. This importance automatically sorts these elements into what is known as a visual hierarchy. This hierarchy is to be used as a guideline during the design process. And all the elements on a page or a section of the app must be placed according to their importance within the said hierarchy.

3. Balance

The appearance of all the features and windows in an application should be presented in a measured manner. Everything should have its place and relevance on an interface. People even use whitespace to give everything a cleaner and more organised look. 

4. Contrast

To enhance the appearance of the interface and to make certain features and windows more visible, contrasting colours and shadows are used. They make it easier for said features or windows to catch your eye.

5. Consistency

People have been using websites and even mobile applications for a very long time. Throughout this time, certain interface formats and designs have imprinted themselves in people’s minds. So, people expect every app to look a certain way or expect certain features or windows in a decided place. Designing your application following those imprints and keeping things in the place they belong so that the user doesn’t have an issue is known as consistency.

Final Thoughts

In 2022, UI/UX designing is more important than ever because it has been ingrained into the digital world more than ever before. And so, a consistent and good UI/UX design will not only take you far in your brand being recognised, but much more importantly, it will lead to more and more loyal users who love coming back to your brand. Get your UI/UX design done with Brand Donut today.

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