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Brand Donut recognises the importance of transforming your original concepts into a professional logo for your company or brand. A logo is more than a simple image. It projects what you have to offer and turns a business concept or picture into a recognisable brand. We highly encourage you to collaborate with our experienced team of great designers. Having our experts build your brand identity is truly a fantastic choice.

We don’t redesign old ideas or copy them to create your logo. When you hire our services, you are guaranteed to get a bespoke unique logo that will set you apart from the competition.

We don’t just stop when we have one good idea. Our designers tune into their diverse, creative, and cultural perspectives and give dozens of logo concepts just for you.



We Love Creating

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We Love Creating


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Monogram logos mainly consist of letters, usually derived from the brand name’s initials. The most common examples of this type of logo are IBM, CNN, HP, and HBO. You can clearly see that these are just initialisms of famous businesses that have rather lengthy names. These brands are mainly using their initials for the purpose of brand identification. So, it makes perfect sense for them to use monograms, also known as lettermark logos, in order to represent their company.
Since the focus is entirely on initials, we make sure that the logo is on-theme with what your company does and vivid when you print on business cards.

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Wordmark logo is font-based that focuses on your brand name only. The most popular examples of it are Visa and Coca-Cola. You can use a wordmark logo for your brand if it has a concise and distinct name. Let’s look at Google. The name itself is so memorable and catchy, so when you combine it with strong typography, you have a brand that has really strong recognition among the masses.
Here, typography holds a lot of weight. Since the entire focus is on the brand name, you will want to pick a font or create a font with your design team, that truly captures the essence of your business.

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Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark is a brand icon or a graphics-based logo. So when you think about a certain brand’s logo, it’s probably the image that pops in mind. The Twitter bird, the iconic Apple logo, the Target bullseye, are just some of the examples. Each of these brands is so established that the logo alone is easily recognisable.
The biggest thing to consider when you go for a pictorial mark is the image you want to use. The image is something that will go on to represent the entire existence of your company. So, think about the broader implications of your logo and we’ll help you design it.

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Abstract Logo Marks

It is a specific type of pictorial logo. Rather than a recognisable image, an abstract mark uses geometric shapes to represent your business. A few prominent logos that are abstract marks include the Pepsi logo and the Adidas logo. Plus, this type of logo allows you to create something truly unique and special.
The main benefit of an abstract mark is that you can represent your brand’s purpose symbolically without any cultural implications. Our logo designers will use colour and form to help you attribute meaning and build certain emotions around your brand.

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These are logos that include an illustrated character, often colourful, sometimes cartoonish, and pretty much always fun. With Mascot logos, you can easily create your very own brand spokesperson. Or maybe a spokes-character? In any way, they have proven to be quite successful for multiple brands, including KFC’s Colonel, Kool-Aid Man, and Planter’s Mr Peanut.
In short, Mascots are a great way to make your brand more engaging and appealing to children and families. So, brainstorm mascot ideas with us and we will surely come up with something that will represent your brand for ages to come.

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The Combination Mark

It is a logo comprising of everything, from wordmark to mascot. The combination mark has both the text and picture laid side-by-side, stacked on top of one another, or blended together to create an image. The best examples of it are Burger King, Lacoste, and Doritos. Plus, it makes a versatile choice for every brand because the name is associated with the image. So, in the future even if you choose to keep the picture only, your brand will still be recognizable.
You can choose us as your logo design agency to create a seamless combination mark that will make your brand stand out from others.

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The Emblem

An emblem logo includes a symbol along with an icon, similar to badges, crests, and seals. They have quite a traditional appearance to them and can make a striking impact. An emblem logo is mostly the choice of many organisations, schools, and government agencies. Even though they are more on the classic side, some companies have effectively modernised their emblem logo to fit the 21st century, such as Harley-Davidson’s crest and Starbuck’s mermaid emblem.
So, if you are into that kind of traditional look, we are here to help you create the perfect emblem logo to represent your brand.

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Frequently asked Questions


Here we don’t have any logo templates. Each logo designed by our logo designing company is customised especially for your business. Brand Donut designers sit down with you and gather relevant information about your brand to provide you with logo design concepts that are truly unique and that you will love.

Yes, absolutely! If you want a strong brand identity, you need a great logo design. No matter how big or small your business actually is, getting a professional logo design in the UK can put your brand on the path to success. Plus, it is something you will use everywhere, on websites, social media, advertisements, and a lot of other places.

A good business logo must do three things, invite potential customers in, communicate what the brand stands for, and make people remember your brand. So when you sit with your logo designers, you should broadly explain what your business actually does to have just the right design.  

Yes, if you have any specific images that you want to incorporate in the logo design of your brand, share them with our designers. We will include them in the designs in a very unique way and present you with different concepts so that you can choose the one you love the most.

To ensure you receive the right logo design for you, write a clear and detailed logo design brief, determine your budget, and provide constructive, direct feedback to designers throughout the creative process.

The more information and input you include in your logo design brief, the better the outcomes will be!

Yes, you need to prepare for ideas and brief us when you buy our logo design services. You most likely have a concept of how your company’s logo should look, as well as the colour scheme and icon to utilise. The more specific you are about your logo design requirements, the better.

Our custom logo design in the UK ensures you get a uniquely designed logo for your business. Brand Donut is home to several designers and artists, with the team still growing. So pretty much every designer on this team has a lot of experience and can create great designs that express the genuine brand story in a unique way.

We always aim to be distinct from any other logo maker by offering you truly unique logos. We assign you a designer who follows the entire logo making process to ensure you are presented with a logo you will love.