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What Is Google’s SEO Algorithm Updates

What Is Google’s SEO Algorithm Updates

Google excels in making its customers feel like King – a king who has always been accommodated with a range of best options. For Google, that range is its Search Engine Result Page (SERP) laced with ample choices, which are the websites that match best with the queries searched by users.

As has already been discussed by Barry Schwartz, 4 million Google searches are done every minute; in return, users get a massive list of relevant information from 200 million websites out there. On the collating both the valuable insights, a question arises that:

How does Google fetch the exact information from such a vast pool of websites and satisfy users’ search?

Well, here come the Google SEO Algorithm Updates.

Let’s step ahead to explore it in detail!

What Is Google SEO Algorithm Update?

Unarguably, Google has been the top-ranked Search Engine used worldwide. Therefore, people optimize their websites to rank better in Google’s SERP, which is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In relation to SEO, google algorithm updates arrive in time to make the entire scene more optimal, aimed at improving search experiences.

As a result, Google’s entire atmosphere witnesses significant ups and downs in the optimization practices of website owners or experts. Ultimately, they have to stay informed of the latest Google algorithm updates for SEO.

But Google’s search engine works in a well-programmed and organized way. So, what do they actually do? Do algorithm updates mean to bring change in its entire working and functionalities in a tech context or something else?

Let’s look at what change these updates actually bring by discussing the last update of Google’s local SEO algorithm.

For Example,

On 22nd August 2023, Google announced its latest broad core update. During a core update, Google re-evaluates all the content in its index and rewards the most relevant and authoritative pieces with higher rankings. Some websites experience considerable drops in their traffic as a result of this process. On the other hand, others gain ample increase in website visits. Now, If you have been negatively affected by a core update, it is important to wait before making any significant changes to your content.

Changes in traffic can be temporary until the core update has finished rolling out. This process takes a couple of weeks. Making radical changes to your site in the middle of the broad core update can actually hurt bits of your content that Google likes. But when the updates have finished rolling out, there are some steps you can take to recover any lost traffic.

At the Same Time,

Google’s newest algorithm can hurt you. Every time Google crawls a website, it takes power. When the servers use energy, it causes emissions. So, Google wants to crawl websites less frequently. It helps the planet, but it can hurt your ranking, and this is how it might hurt your rankings. If you’re making the wrong changes, it will be crawled and indexed while taking longer to re-crawl once you fix those changes. You need to make sure that your SEO and your on-page code are buttoned up in order to prevent this.

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