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What is the Need of SEO?


Coming through our various discussions regarding SEO or search engine optimization, the one important question that remained undiscussed is “Why SEO?” or “Why do I Need SEO?” if you are a beginner in this field and going for an interview, then this blog is vital for you. Or, if you are going to start your website, this entire discussion is going to be a goldmine for you.

As the popularity of SEO continues, you may already be aware of On-page SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO, and strategies for Off-page SEO. You stay informed about the updates and penalties; you do everything punctually and responsibly. But what is the actual reason behind all that? Why is SEO important?

Well, SEO is important for various reasons. Let’s explore them one by one in detail:

Organic Search: The Primary Source of Website Traffic

Who else doesn’t like traffic on their website! Whether it is a blogging website or an e-commerce site, their core and initial objective is the same: somehow, they get traffic to their website. Regardless of thinking about sales and creating additional values, traffic is the core purpose they work for.

Because without traffic, all the sparkles on the website are of no use. Hence, website traffic is the focused aspect after the creation of the website. Organic search is the most significant source of getting website traffic. Google has recorded that 5.9 million searches per minute are done organically. Here, SEO comes into play to take benefit of such a wave of searches. Those who neglect the importance of SEO in this matter are deprived of the potential of organic search.

SEO: A Source of Trust & Credibility

Asking why SEO is important for business is akin to asking why a shop needs foot traffic. The objective of a Seasoned SEO professional is to create a robust groundwork for aesthetically pleasing websites, ensuring a streamlined and efficient user experience through search mechanisms. This achievement owes itself to the business’s trustworthiness and credibility of its digital assets. Numerous factors contribute to the establishment of authority within search engines, notably exemplified by Google. Authority is accrued over time as a result of the following aspects:

  • Natural Links
  • Positive User Behaviours
  • Machin-learning Signals
  • Optimized On-Page Elements and Content

However, solidifying this authority holds the potential to yield more significant benefits for businesses compared to the majority. The challenge lies in the fact that constructing trust and credibility is a gradual process mirroring real-life interactions. Authority is something that is gradually garnered and built over time, adhering to Google’s E-A-T guidelines, which is of paramount importance to guarantee favorable outcomes. Creating a business’s status as an authoritative figure necessitates patience, diligence, and dedication. It hinges on providing valuable, high-quality products or services that foster a sense of trust among customers.

SEO Impacts the Buying Cycle

The buying cycle or buying behavior is another crucial aspect when discussing the importance of SEO. There are different patterns and behaviors with which visitors make purchases. For example,

complex-buying behavior,

dissonance-reducing buying behavior,

habitual buying behavior,

and variety-seeking buying behavior.

However, the one thing that is commonly impactful in all these behaviors is repetitive appearance. People get subconsciously attached to brands that appear again and again. Similarly, SEO helps brands to appear in the search results whenever a customer or visitor searches for a relevant query or keyword.

The journey does not end here. There are countless facts about SEO that need to be discussed. Luckily, you can find ample SEO insights in Brand Donut’s blogs section. Our valuable findings about SEO will uplift your knowledge. We would love to come up with another topic or discussion you recommend. So feel free to share your ideas with us!

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