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If there’s already a technical leakage draining out your website’s credibility, quality, and authority.

Let this SEO Case Study Reveal an Optimal Solution

Credibility – quality – and authority mean a rigorous recognition of your brand’s website, powered by a robust rate, driving traffic of potential visitors to the website. When it gets mismanaged & spits out negative impacts in the form of low traffic to the website, it becomes the most demotivating factor for website owners of both the rookie and veteran levels.

But did you know? You can resolve this concern and get +73% Search Traffic!

All you need to do is take the six fixes we will reveal in this SEO case study – implement them on your website – & experience the result full of potential traffic to your website.

Let’s take one of our recently catered cases:

Learning from real-life cases or events gives us an essence of reliability and connectivity, making the insights trustworthy! Therefore, we will reveal how those six fixes rectified one of our client’s websites, proving it an ever-lasting shine.

As the client was a business owner, he had already made an ample investment to develop his website.

Ultimately, his website got ready – it has gone live – but missed out on driving traffic to his business. And this is what took him to us & we served him with a +73% rise in Search Traffic to his website.

Why curious? Head towards the six fixes below and crack the code that took our client’s website to exceptional success. But before leaping to the fixes directly, let’s look at how crucial it is to conduct an audit first.

All Started with an Audit Analysis of the Client’s Website

After completing a thorough audit of our client’s website, a number of significant flaws were identified that are negatively impacting its performance and restricting the increase of online traffic. Every issue has a direct effect on the visibility and user experience of the website.

Repaired Product Pages:

The audit uncovered a worrying problem with many product pages. Despite being indexed, some pages were showing erroneously as blank or broken pages due to an underlying HTTP status code problem. This technological error not only squandered crucial crawl funding but also resulted in a terrible user experience, causing prospective consumers to abandon the site.

Product Pages with Fixed Structured Data:

Another key observation was the poorly implemented structured data on product pages. The previous schema markup had multiple warnings, limiting the sites’ ability to display important information in search engine result pages (SERPs). This restriction had a major impact on the click-through rate (CTR) and denied the website more exposure and interaction possibilities.

Resolved issues with mixed content:

Furthermore, the website had mixed content concerns, with HTTPS protocol URLs serving unprotected HTTP contents at the same time. This discrepancy constituted a serious security concern and jeopardized the website’s SSL certification, thus hurting its ranking potential. Resolving the issue was critical not just for security but also for Google’s favorability in terms of ranking considerations.

Added Breadcrumb Navigation:

During the audit, it was discovered that there was no breadcrumb navigation. This absence hampered not just user navigation but also search engine bots’ grasp of the site’s hierarchical structure. Breadcrumb navigation was critical for improving user experience, facilitating site navigation, and increasing the website’s overall search exposure.

Improving Existing Content:

The investigation found many basic landing pages that were under-optimized, lacked proper keyword density, and had poor content. This inadequate content approach not only hampered the site’s ranking potential for targeted keywords, but it also needed to meet user intent adequately. It was critical to optimize this current material in order to match it with search intent better and boost its relevance and ranking possibilities.

Use New Content to Target New Keywords:

Finally, the audit identified missed chances to target new keywords that were relevant to the client’s specialty. Because there was no content targeting these important keywords, the website’s reach and potential audience interaction were restricted. Creating fresh, tailored content became critical for growing the website’s keyword portfolio and gaining access to previously untapped search traffic channels.

Since we got the loopholes now – we moved ahead toward filling them with the six fixes.

1.    Fixed Broken Product Pages

Following the discovery of the faulty product pages during our thorough audit, our team took immediate action to remedy the problem. We removed more than 50 indexed product pages that were broken and shown as blank. This was a critical issue since it was draining both the crawl budget and user engagement.


  • Following the successful resolution of these challenges, the website saw a notable transformation.
  • The elimination of malfunctioning web pages resulted in a 30% decrease in bounce rates
  • had a role in a 20% augmentation of the mean session time.
  • Fortunately, this enhancement demonstrated a heightened level of user engagement and improved accessibility for search engine indexing.

2.    Fixed Structured Data on Product Pages

The prioritization of addressing the deficiencies in structured data emerged. Through a thorough process of methodically refining the schema markup and managing the warnings identified during the audit, our objective was to improve the visibility and possibility for click-throughs of the website in search results.

The impact:

A particular phenomenon or event refers to the effects or consequences it has on various. However, in this case:

  • The implementation of the revised structured data led to a significant improvement of 40% in click-through rates on the search engine results page (SERP).
  • The introduction of an extensive schema markup has enabled the display of enhanced snippets, which exhibit detailed product information and star ratings.
  • This has directly influenced user engagement and resulted in a significant 25% increase in organic traffic originating from search results.

3.    Fixed Mixed Content Issues

The mixed content concerns were effectively addressed by our team via the implementation of secure HTTPS loading for all URLs. This proactive measure not only mitigated potential security threats but also reinstated the site’s SSL certification.

The impact:

  • The correction of mixed material resulted in a measurable 15% enhancement in the overall security metrics of the website.
  • This improvement was shown by the increased SSL ratings and a notable 25% acceleration in page load rates.
  • The enhancement made a substantial contribution to a 20% rise in organic traffic derived from secure search referrals.

4.    Implemented Breadcrumb Navigation

The use of breadcrumb navigation has played a crucial role in enhancing the user experience and facilitating search engine crawlers’ understanding and indexing of the website’s hierarchical hierarchy.

The incorporation of this navigational feature facilitated visitors in smoothly traversing the website, readily tracing their trajectory from certain pages to the homepage. This not only increased user engagement but also aided search engine bots in understanding the website’s structure for improved indexing.

The Result We Got:

  • An increase of 35% in user interactions with deeper site pages was recorded, suggesting heightened engagement and investigation within the website.
  • As a result, there was a significant reduction of 30% in the bounce rate of the website, indicating an enhanced level of user engagement and satisfaction.
  • The implementation of structured navigation led to a notable improvement in indexing efficiency for search engines, resulting in a noteworthy increase of 15% in the total exposure of websites on search engine results pages (SERPs).

5.    Optimizing Existing Content

The strategic decision to optimize underperforming content pages was made with the goal of better matching the material with search intent and improving keyword relevance. The objective of the project was to enhance the exposure and possible ranking of the pages by improving and optimizing the current content.

Rewards Earned from this Fix:

  • The optimization efforts resulted in a significant 50% improvement in keyword ranks for the specific phrases, indicating improved exposure and recognition by search engines.
  • The aforementioned enhancement was accompanied by a parallel increase of 40% in organic traffic, especially directed towards the optimized landing pages.
  • The implementation of an optimization plan significantly contributed to the doubling of the website’s conversions derived from organic search. This outcome highlights the clear relationship between content optimization and heightened user engagement.

6.    Target New Keywords with New Content

Target New Keywords with New Content

The adoption of a methodical methodology to develop new and targeted content with the goal of increasing the website’s keyword range and tapping previously untapped sources of search traffic. The goal was to extend the website’s visitor base by identifying economically relevant long-tail keywords.

  • Implementing new content that was carefully targeted for certain long-tail keywords resulted in a 60% boost in organic traffic generated from these newly focused keywords.
  • The aforementioned update significantly increased the website’s reach, resulting in a 35% increase in conversions coming from previously unknown search keywords.

Let’s take a look back at the Case Study.

  • Each patch began a revolutionary journey, methodically improving and reinforcing key aspects of the website’s operation.
  • Each stage was a purposeful leap toward greatness, from introducing breadcrumb navigation, a guiding light through the digital wilderness, to improving existing material, personalizing it to resonate with search intent.
  • The golden thread became breadcrumb navigation, elegantly weaving a smooth route for visitors while carefully guiding search engine crawlers through the website’s numerous corridors.
  • The optimization of current material was more than simply a facelift; it was a strategic realignment, designing each page to ring louder in the digital orchestra.
  • Creating fresh, keyword-centric content wasn’t just about putting words on a website; it was about exploring unknown territory, where each phrase became a beacon, attracting organic traffic from previously untapped dimensions.
  • The end result? A brilliant +73% increase in search traffic is lighting our client’s digital horizon, a tribute to the power of precise repairs crafting a successful road toward exceptional growth.

Time To Wrap it Up!

Each step—repair of broken pages, refinement of structured data, resolution of mixed content difficulties, implementation of breadcrumb navigation, optimization of current content, and targeting of new keywords—acted as a catalyst, driving our client’s website to unprecedented success.

  • We saw a phenomenal +73% increase in search traffic as a result of rigorous research and targeted solutions, giving new life to our client’s digital presence.
  • This incredible rise isn’t just about statistics; it’s about concrete outcomes, such as lower bounce rates, more user engagement, and an increase in conversions, all of which indicate the tangible advantages of our work.

However, this is just the beginning. With Brand Donut, you can take advantage of the potential of strategic SEO.

So, let’s join us in realizing your website’s full potential by exploring the universe of possibilities by employing proven tactics that redefine success in the online market with the top SEO case studies.

Firsthand experience with the transforming power of SEO. Contact us today to begin your road to digital prominence and long-term success.

Brand Donut is a SEO service provider that helps businesses in the United States with SEO. They specialize in local SEO and work with clients in Sacramento and Tampa. Their goal is to improve your website’s visibility online and attract more customers from your local area. Whether you’re a small business or a big company, Brand Donut can customize their services to meet your needs and help you rank higher in search engine results. Their SEO strategies aim to drive targeted traffic to your website and boost your online presence.

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